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Guitarmaking Book

For the Small Shop

Available on Amazon and Other Booksellers


The Phoenix Guitar Company's Guide to Guitarmaking for the Small Shop by

George S Leach, is an easy to follow, step by step approach to building your own guitar.  This is the book we use in our guitarmaking classes here at the Phoenix Guitar Company. It describes all the steps involved in building a steel string, archtop, and classical guitar.    This is a must have book for any guitar maker's library.


New Downloadable Chapters now available
( Click image to download )


Stiffening The Guitar Sides

This is the first additional chapter to my book "Guitar Making For The Small Shop". I hope you find it useful and more chapters will be coming. 


The Bevel: Part One 

Preparation and Re-Profiling the Sides


The Bevel: Part 2

Preparation and Gluing the Top


The Bevel: Part Four 

Carving, Gluing, and Trimming the Bevel


The Bevel: Part Three 

Binding and Sacrificial Layers


The Mold 

The use and functionality of the Phoenix Guitar Company Mold.

There is a set of videos describing the building of this mold on my youtube channel.  Click here to watch the first video of the series.

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