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Available Guitars


Here is a selection of our currently available guitars.  

Please contact me if you are interested or want more information

16" Archtop


This beautiful guitar is the same one shown on the Archtop page.  It has been used as a demo guitar for several years.  It has a great acoustic sound, and its amplified sound is very clean and mellow.  Here is a youtube of the guitar being played by the great Paul Asbell at a guitar festival in Santa Barbara a few years ago: Click Here


16" Steel String


This guitar is shown on our Steel String page.  It has an englemann spruce top, with cocobolo sides and back, and is one of our dome top guitars.  It has an excellent tone, and the dome top gives the top a lot of stiffness, and power.


Dome top Classical guitar


This is one of my classical guitars.  It has beautiful honduran rosewood back and sides, with an engleman spruce top.  The top is a dome top, with a 15' radius.  It also has a top and back bevel, as can be seen in the photos.  You can watch a video of Ron Berman playing this guitar here.

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