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About Us

George Leach started working on guitars in 1988, and first went into business under the name of “GSL Guitars.” In 1994, he changed the name to the Phoenix Guitar Company. Since that time George has designed numerous guitars from his small body archtops to his nylon string OM. 

Now, with over 30 years experience working on guitars, George has created an innovative new line of guitars with his "Cupola" design. These guitars have a 15' spherical radius on the top which gives them tremendous tone and volume compared to more conventional guitars.

At the Phoenix Guitar Company, we believe in working closely with our customers to make the very best guitars possible. We use only the finest materials, and our work is guaranteed for life to the original owner. Our repairs are expertly done, with great care, whether the repair is a re-fret on an inexpensive instrument, a refinish, or a neck reset on a vintage Martin.

We'd love to make you a beautiful looking and exceptional sounding guitar. 

Please call us now at 480-239-4055 

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