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Archtop Guitars


All Phoenix Guitar Company archtop guitars are hand carved from the finest materials.  They are available in 14", 15", 16", and 17" models.  

16" Archtop


Shown is a 16" archtop, with a single piece of redwood for the top, with sides and back of quilted mahogany (also a single piece back).  The guitar has bindings (and a bevel) of macassar ebony, and macassar ebony is used for the bridge, pickguard, tailpiece, and f-hole bindings.  The pickup is from Kent Armstrong, and the volume and tone controls are stealth controls, mounted under the pickguard.


17" Archtop


Shown here is one of our 17" archtops.  This one is very traditional with a Sitka spruce top, with flame maple sides and back.  It also has a single floating Kent Armstrong humbucking pickup.  The finish on this guitar is one of our most popular, called our "Natural Sunburst".


Here is another one of our 17" archtops.  This one also has a Sitka spruce top, with flame maple sides and back. However, it has an inset Kent Armstrong humbucker, and a 3-tone tobacco sunburst

15" Archtop


This is one of our 15" archtops.  This one also has a Sitka spruce top, with flame maple sides and back. It has a floating Kent Armstrong single coil pickup, and our "Natural Sunburst"  This particular guitar is owned by the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ.

14" Archtop


This is one of our 14" archtops, also known as our "Baby Poenix". This one also has a flame maple top, with flame maple sides and back, and a single f-hole. It has two inset Kent Armstrong hum bucking pickups, and a red wine sunburst.  This is  not a "chambered" solid body, but a full hollow body.  

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