Available Guitars at Phoenix Guitar Company

These are guitars that have been built as demo models, or spec models for show in our shop.

Grand Concert Cutaway Steel String Guitar

This guitar was built as a demo guitar, and was shown at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival. The lower bout is 16″.  Its sides and back are Madagascar rosewood, and the top is englemann spruce. The fingerboard and bridge are ebony. The neck is 5-piece (mahogany, walnut, mahogany, wanut, mahogany). The scale length is 25.4″.  This guitar has a magnificent sound, with a great bass, and crisp treble.  It has a nut width of 1 3/4″. It also has a B-Band dual pickup system, and Gotoh 510 tuning machines.  This guitar had an original price of $6000.  We are discounting this guitar to a price of $3500, or best offer, since it has some fine scratches, and we are making room for some new guitars.  Please call us at 480-239-4055, or send us an e-mail at phoenixguitarco@gmail.com if you have any interest in this guitar.

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Mini Jumbo Cutaway Steel String Guitar 

This guitar was also built as a spec and demo guitar.  Its body is the size of an OM (15″ lower bout), but its body is 1/2″ deeper than a typical OM.  This gives the instrument more bass and volume than a standard OM.  This guitar has Honduran Rosewood sides and back (a 3 piece back), and a bearclaw sitka spruce top.  Its fingerboard and bridge are ebony, and the  scale  length is 25.4″.  The nut width is 1 3/4″, and the tuning machines are Gotoh 510’s.  The original price for this guitar was $5500.  It is being sold for $3500, or best offer,  to make room for some new guitars.  Please call me at 480-239-4055 if you have an interest in this guitar.

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Short Scale OM Steel String Guitar

This guitar has been a demo instrument here at the Phoenix Guitar Company for a few years.  It has a scale length of 24.9″ (the size of a 000).  It has indian rosewood sides and back, and an adirondac spruce top.  It also has bevels on the top and back, making it exetremely comfortable to play.  The bevels and bindings are ebony. This guitar has a slightly wider than normal nut width (1 13/16″).  It is ideal for either a fingerstyle player, or someone who likes a wider neck.  The original price for this guitar was $6200.  It is being discounted to $3500, or best offer, to make room for some new guitars.  Please call me at 480-239-4055 if you have an interest in this guitar.

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 Classical Guitar

This guitar was built as a spec and demo instrument.  Its sides and back are Sacha rosewood from Peru.  This is an excellent wood for musical instruments, since it is very stiff and also very beautiful.  The top is western red cedar.  The neck is a 5-piece sandwich, with the outer portions being mahogany.  The center core is flamed maple, with thin walnut strips separating the mahogany and maple.  The sound is excellent, with a great balance and volume.  This guitar has a raised fingerboard.  The fingerboard is ebony (2″ nut width, 650mm scale length), and the headstock laminate and bridge are brazilian rosewood.  The normal price for this instrument is $5500, and I’m selling this guitar for $3500, or best offer, to make room for some new instruments.  If you have interest in this guitar, please call me at 480-239-4055.

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