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Are you in the market for a new guitar? If you’re looking to upgrade, a custom guitar from California may be just the answer. At Phoenix Guitar Company, we take the time to create a beautiful looking and sounding instrument for you each time. We have the ability to experiment to create the absolute best tone and quality instrument for your needs. In this blog, we’re going to cover some ways that we continue to be forward-thinking as guitar crafters.

Custom Guitars
Our custom guitars are truly custom guitars. These guitars are customized on the company level and the customer level. Because we are a smaller shop, we are constantly innovating. We don’t have the demands or the requirements of the customers to make exactly the same guitar and model each time. We are constantly updating our thinking and our building methods. A custom guitar from Phoenix Guitar Company is truly a unique piece. We are always making adjustments to our custom guitars to get a better tone and a better quality guitar.

Customized for Each Customer
Not only do you get the overall company working toward advancement on a daily basis, but you also get input on your particular guitar. Some elements of your custom guitar may be cosmetic, while others are vital to the sound of the instrument. By combining these two principles, you can rely on the fact that you’re getting a high-quality instrument every time. There’s nothing quite like playing a guitar that you know was specifically crafted for you, not made on an assembly line in a plant. We take the time to make sure you have the best possible instrument every time.

Are you looking to invest in a custom guitar? Contact us by calling 480-239-4055 or contact us online.

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