Healdsburg Guitar Festival

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I just went to the Healdsburg Guitar Festival, showing off our guitars.  It was a great time, and I got to see some of my favorite folks in our industry.  Below is a photo of our booth  The small archtop on the far right is one that sold at the show.

Phoenix Guitar Company at Healdsburg Guitar Festival

Here is me with Bob Benedetto (left).  Great guy, and one of the biggest names in our industry

Robert Benedetto and George Leach

Here is a very good friend, Mike Baranik (left).  He is an excellent guitar maker, who used to work here at the Phoenix Guitar Company.

Mike Baranik and George Leach

This is me with Tom Ribbecke.  Another great guy, who I’ve known for quite a few years.  Tom taught me how to carve an archtop.

Tom Ribbecke and George Leach

This next shot is me with Chuck Erickson (right), the “Duke of Pearl.”  Chuck is obviously quite a character, an extremely nice guy and very knowledgeable.


Here I am with John Greven (right).  He’s another great luthier, highly respected in our industry, and has been very helpful in getting our finishing process under control.

George Leach and John Greven

Here’s another great guy, Grit Laskin, one of the top inlay artists in the world.  I had the chance to take a class from Grit a few years ago, and was glad to see him at the Healdsburg show to catch up.

George Leach and Grit Laskin

Speaking of inlay artists,  this is Larry Robinson, another of the world’s best.  Larry inlayed the millionth Martin.

Larry Robinson and George Leach

Here is Harvey Leach (no relation). I’ve known Harvey for a long time, seeing him at NAMM and Healdsburg.  Another great guy, and phenomenal inlay artist.  He inlayed the 1.5 millionth Martin guitar.

Harvey Leach and George Leach

Last, but certainly not least, is Pete Pancrazi.  Pete is a very good friend, and excellent jazz guitarist here in the Phoenix area.  In the photo below, he is playing my demo concert, using one of our 17″ archtops.  Many thanks to Pete, and also to Bruce Bjorna for loaning me his guitar to show off at the festival.