Phoenix Guitar Company Testimonials

Here’s what satisfied customers and students have to say about Phoenix Guitar Company:

“Under the tutorship of George and Diana, I completed three classes at the Phoenix Guitar Company. With limited knowledge of guitars, as I do not play the instrument, they guided me through the intricate process of creating three top quality acoustic steel string guitars. Their patience and attention to detail helped me satisfy a commitment I made to my sons many years ago. Their course content, guitar architecture and professionalism are truly top quality.”
– Dick Gulsvig

Phoenix Guitar OM Custom – Rosewood / Sitka Spruce (#3195)
“The Phoenix Guitar Company built this guitar for me in 1995. I took delivery of this beautiful guitar in December of that year and I have played it consistently in music gigs, numerous recordings and have traveled throughout the US and various parts of the world with it. This is simply the best acoustic guitar I have ever played. As a music store owner and member of National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), I have played hundreds of guitars made by the some of the most famous manufacturers and luthiers in the world. I have never played a guitar that could match the playability and sound of my Phoenix OM. This guitar is pure magic.

“In the Spring and Summer of 2007 I took the weekend warrior guitar building class at Phoenix Guitar Company. I drove all the way from Yuma to Scottsdale, Arizona (approx. 200 miles) for 16 weekends to build this guitar (which included a number of Fridays as well as Saturdays). That alone, makes this my most “valuable” guitar. The cost of the class was nothing compared to the masterful instruction on the building of a guitar virtually from scratch. Students started out with some pre-cut chunks of wood, but we had to form, cut, chisel, glue, saw, sand, inlay, finish, and set up our own guitars, under the watchful eyes of George. This class was not easy by any means and building a guitar takes a lot of patience and concentration. But, it was one of the great experiences of my life. The result is a wonderful guitar, Bess, that I made with my own hands. This is a great gigging guitar, perfect for both fingerstyle and flatpicking. The sound is supurb and she is a dream to play. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is serious about building their own premium guitar.”
– Anne James

“The classical guitar built for me by Diane at Phoenix Guitar Company is simply a dream. It plays effortlessly, and it’s tone is so sweet and balanced. Built with impeccable attention to detail, it’s looks complement its sound. Thanks for building my dream guitar!”
– Lisa Bromfield

“My session was intense, but the Masters were never far fro my shoulder. The guidance and assistance helped me produce the finest guitar I own. I also gained a real appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in building a fine acoustic instrument from scratch. Thank you both for a great experience!”
– Tom Cagliotti, New Jersey