Nylon String & Classical Guitars

The Nylon String OM is available in a variety of tonewoods. For all our Nylon String OM guitars, the pricing starts at $4500 for Indian Rosewood sides and back, with either a sitka spruce or cedar top, and Schaller tuning machines. Other woods and options are available at extra cost. Please call 480-239-4055 for pricing.

Nylon String OM Guitar

The Nylon String OM Guitar

This guitar is an innovation of the Phoenix Guitar Company. It is built mainly for fingerstyle and jazz. We first introduced this model in 1994, and since that time, it has undergone several generations of improvements, from its body size to its top and back bracing. It is available in both regular and cutaway models. This guitar has the beautiful tone of a concert classical guitar. Its tone is very balanced, from its mellow bass to its crisp treble. It has a narrower fingerboard than a classical, with a radiused fingerboard, making it almost effortless to play. The standard scale length is 650mm (25.6 in), but can be adjusted as needed.

Model Shown: Nylon String OM Cutaway
Sides & Back: Bastogne Walnut
Body Binding: Flamed Maple
Concert Classical Nylon String Guitar

The Concert Classical Guitar

This is our classical guitar. It typically has a 660mm or 650mm scale length (though more can be done upon request), a two inch wide neck at the nut, and a radiused fingerboard. It offers a bound fingerboard (ebony), and wood bindings and purflings on the body. Our classical guitar has a powerful tone, which we believe competes very well with the finest of classical guitars (and we do repairs on a lot of very fine classical guitars). The base price of our standard classical guitar is $5,000. This includes Indian rosewood sides and back, with either sitka spruce or cedar for the top, and Gotoh Rodgers-style tuning machines. Please call 480-239-4055 for pricing of any upgrades.

Model Shown: Concert Classical Base Model (It Is Truly A Classic).
Sides & Back: Indian Rosewood
Top: Western Red Cedar
Below is a new classical we have made, with some non-traditional features: First, the rosette has a new look. Second, we have put a Grit Laskin / Kevin Ryan style bevel on the top and back of the guitar for comfort. We want to thank Grit and Kevin for giving us permission to use this design – and I want to personally thank Grit for sitting down with me and showing me his design, and how it is done.

Here are some closer images of this guitar:

This is a closeup of the top bevel. The bindings and bevel are flamed koa.
Top Bevel Nylon String Guitar
Here is a shot of the raised fingerboard.
Raised Fingerboard Nylon String Guitar
Here is the end graft. This shot shows the purfling mitered around the graft.
End Graft Nylon String Guitar
This is the back bevel.
Back Bevel Nylon String Guitar
Here is a closeup of the rosette.
Nylon String Guitar Rosette